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Prince black album value

Prince's 'Black Album' is one of the rarest records in the world, and five copies just emerged from a closet. A top collector weighs in. Warner Bros. The label worked extremely hard to destroy every single copy, even asking executives to bring back advance CDs so they could be crushed. In latePrince briefly allowed his label to sell it on CD and cassette, but no vinyl copies were created.

Only three American copies from the original vinyl pressing have surfaced in the past 30 years. Gold was therefore very skeptical earlier this month when he got an email inquiry asking about the value of a sealed Black Album. The story he heard from his old colleague stunned him. He looked through some boxes that had been in a closet for 25 years and came across two sealed Warner Bros. The executive is keeping one and is contemplating selling another one at auction next year.

None of my former WB co-workers know anything about it. Popular on Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch.

Copy of Prince's The Black Album sells for record-breaking $27,500

Calendar Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. Plus Created with Sketch.Read more: 10 artists pick their favourite Prince records. The Black Album was famously withdrawn by Prince a week before its release in Decemberwho insisted that all copies of the record be destroyed, believing it to be cursed.

Last year, five U. When The Black Album was pulled and the copies that had been made marked for destruction, he kept one copy for himself. He never realised its rarity or value until reading about the discovery of the U. Prince subsequently allowed for the album to be released on CD and cassette inand digitally via Tidal in Head to Discogs for more info. Bob George 2. Superfunkycalifragisexy 3. Rockhard in a Funky Place.

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prince black album value

Gabriela Helfet. More by Gabriela Helfet. Tags: discogs Prince the black album. Related Articles. Apr Discogs reports record numbers of submissions on site. Feb Four Prince albums set to be reissued on vinyl. Dec Our favourite music books of Aug Latest Articles. Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week 17th April.An impossibly rare U. To our knowledge, this is only the second confirmed example to be offered for sale the first sold by Rockaway Records more than 20 years ago.

This copy was given by Prince to an employee, who passed it on to another Prince employee, from whom we obtained it. Records, but Prince cancelled it at the last minute and virtually all copies were destroyed. A few original German vinyl pressings have also surfaced, but most that have been sold are very convincing counterfeit copies. Likewise, a few examples of the two-disc promotional version have surfaced; one is currently listed on Discogs.

What Is The Value Of Your Vinyl Records ?

But this original U. The disc is barely played and is in Near Mint condition, as is the all black album cover. The only printing on the cover is the catalog number on the spine, If this had any shrink wrap or stickers, they are gone. Records at the time, and oversaw the release, including very limited edition promotional-only colored vinyl copies.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Very likely your only chance to obtain the rarest Prince record in the world.

Let us know if you have any questions about this particular item.The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a display model or store return that has been used. See details for description of any imperfections.

prince black album value

Little disappointed with condition Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. After the fiasco of this album's original release and sudden, unexplained withdrawal from the sales lists, we are lucky to have it now.

In typical self-indulgent style, Prince begins the first song with the words 'This is Prince, cool of cools'! Musically, it is similar to Prince's other albums of the same era, but lyrically, it is worlds apart. The explicit lyrics of songs like 'Bob George' may shock first time Prince listeners, who think of him of as a high-voiced, lovesexy-d hippy. You should buy this album if you love Prince.

Absolute Prince classic, rock funk n soul wrapped up in perfect minimal packing! Top Ten Prince CD's worth a look. Sign 'O' the times. Purple Rain. Around the world in a day. Skip to main content. Prince - Black Album 10 product ratings 4. About this product. Make an offer:. Stock photo. Pre-owned: lowest price The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously.

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Buy it now.More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Warner Bros.

VinylLP, Album. SoulFunkMinneapolis Sound. Published By — Warner Bros. Music Ltd. Copyright c — Warner Bros. Records Inc. Phonographic Copyright p — Warner Bros. Add Review gee September 10, Report. The only difference is that the stamped runout ends in just 'A' rather than 'A2'. Does this suggest there was a previous press, which would also add to the theory that the 'box of 50' is just an urban myth? Otherwise my copy is identical to that listed.

One other difference, the catalogue number is printed on the top spine and left spine. I can't believe this vinyl is selling for dollars. The "one box with only 50 copies escaped" theory a urban legend [by sellers to make a higher price] The original release from ?!

Year Right. And my name is Bob George. Reply Notify me Helpful. It is still the official story: one box with 50 albums escaped destruction back in from Alsdorf, Germany.


Fakes of the vinyl are very easily identified by some 8 particular differences in comparison to the original. Two easy characteristics to check your copy! Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. All Time Favorite Albums by robertd3. Prince Rarities by gee Le Grind. Cindy C. Dead On It. When 2 R In Love. Bob George. Rockhard In A Funky Place. RecordsWarner Bros.The Black Album is the sixteenth studio album by American recording artist Prince.

It was released on November 22,by Warner Bros. It was originally planned for release on December 8,as the follow-up to Sign o' the Times [1] and was to appear in an entirely black sleeve with no title or even a credit to Prince; hence it was referred to as The Black Album.

Dubbed The Funk Bible by preceding press releases, and in a hidden message within the album itself, the work seemed to be a reaction to criticism that Prince had become too pop -oriented. It was his attempt to regain his black audience.

The promo-only release had no printed title, artist name, production credits or photography printed; a simple black sleeve accompanied the disc. On promotional copies, only a song listing and catalog number——were printed on the disc itself. The commercial version was to only have the catalog number—printed in pink—on the spine. After Prince became convinced that the album was "evil", he ordered it to be withdrawn a week before its release date.

It was replaced with the album Lovesexya brighter pop-oriented album with elements of religious affirmation. Prince invoked Camille, the alter-ego behind his unreleased album Camilleas the guiding force responsible for The Black Album. The opening track also mentioned the title of the album as being The Funk Biblewhich was a consideration during work on this project.

The title refers both to the album's all-black cover design and to Prince's attempt to earn back his credibility among the black pop audience.

Album: The Black Album

The album features one of the most atypical Prince songs: "Bob George", in which he assumes the identity of a profane man who suspects his girlfriend to have had an affair with a man named Bob. He asks her what the man does for a living and learns that Bob manages Prince, whom he dismisses as "that skinny motherfucker with the high voice".

prince black album value

The gun-wielding alter ego then fires a multitude of gunshots, and ends up being raided by the police. During live performances of the song during the Lovesexy Tourhe ends up being shot. The name for the track was a combination of Bob Cavallo former managerand Nelson Georgewho was felt to have become very critical of Prince. The voice at the end of the song that says "bizarre" is actually a stock sound from the Fairlight CMI IIx library, with its pitch raised.

The Black Album features songs such as the hip hop parody "Dead on It", which playfully makes the accusation that all MCs are tone-deaf and unable to sing, and the playful "Cindy C. The rhyme at the end of the song was originally written by Steve "Silk" Hurley and was included on a song titled "Music Is the Key", which was previously released by Chicago house-music group JM Silk, of which Hurley was the founder.

Hurley would later go on to remix two of the songs from the " Gett Off " maxi-single, the Housestyle and Flutestramental versions. The album contains several instances of the portrayal of characters, using either a sped-up or slowed-down vocal track by Prince as on " If I Was Your Girlfriend ", " U Got the Look ", " Strange Relationship ", and "Housequake", all from the Sign o' the Times album.

After the album's fade out, dissonant feedback fades in, followed by Prince saying "What kind of fuck ending was that? Act II was his born-again segment, with more upbeat spiritual songs, highlighting most of the Lovesexy songs, and top 40 hits. The album was abandoned shortly before its intended release after Prince experienced a spiritual epiphany and became convinced it was "evil"; [15] he later blamed the album on an entity named Spooky Electric, described as a demonic, low-voiced alter-ego induced by Camille.

Immediately after the decision to pull The Black Album from stores, the album emerged on the streets in bootleg form, arguably becoming popular music's most legendary bootleg since the Beach Boys ' aborted album Smile. In the music video for the lead single from Lovesexy" Alphabet St.

The Black Album was finally released by Warner Bros. Records on November 22, —again, containing only a track listing and the new catalog number printed onto the disc itself, and a copyright date of with the exception of "When 2 R in Love", which was released in on Lovesexy. Although it was released in a strictly limited edition and was pulled on January 27,the album was re-released exclusively to Tidal in In the week of the album's official release, Warner ran an ad at the back of the November 26,issue of Billboard that offered owners of counterfeit copies a free copy of the legal release, provided they mail their bootleg copy to the label in exchange.

This offer was given only to the first 1, individuals who sent in their copies. All songs written by Princeexcept 8, music written by Prince and Eric Leeds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

prince black album value

Retrieved September 16, Alpha Media Group. Entertainment Weekly.Something like or The Black Album on Vinyl Vinyl is totally back, and from almost all new albums there is a CD and a vinyl. But then again I suppose it depends who wants them; like a Prince fanatic or collector of vinyl albums Many of us still have our vinyl collections from back in the day, but those are probably all very played.

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Vinyl manufacturing petered out because no one wanted them anymore. Cassettes and then CD killed the format.

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Vinyl is back as a nostalgia act, but that's about it. They're expensive to make because there are only a few plants left with the specialized equipment. They do sound better, especially in the case of Prince's 80s stuff. I don't think anyone would argue that. It depends. Rare pressings, picture discs, unopened and mint condition copies are always valuable. Purple Rain or All used, although I saw one in really good condition with the original wrapping plastic intact.

Back in August, I bought my copy of Sign o' The Times with the original wrapping plastic and price tag. Some of them with the inner sleeves and extras intact and in good condition could be worth something. Controversy with the poster inside comes to mind. TheDigitalGard ener. The albums released after the CD format became dominant from Diamonds and Pearls onward are worth more on vinyl than the earlier albums.

Of the earlier albums, Controversy seems to be the hardest to find in a mint condition original pressing, but it doesn't really matter because the recent Rhino reissue sounds better anyway. Beware of sealed vinyl.

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Just because nobody's opened it doesn't mean the record and inner sleeve are in perfect condition. In fact, if nobody has opened the record in twenty or thirty years, the most likely reason is that it's been sitting unnoticed in a box and no one has taken care of it.

The rarest Prince vinyl is WX it was never officially known as the balck album till later. Of course I was referring to the reissue. And before telling people to their homework before posting, maybe you should do yours.

I'm still searching for it. That site rocks, never knew it existed, fantastic and fascinating stuff. Seems all my Kiwi and Aussie pressings of 80s Prince classics are quite rare, and are amazed by the fact, some of the Latin American pressings had one Prince song on one side and a song by someone else on the other!!!

One record had kiss and a Van Halen song on the other side!!!! CrabalockerFis hwife. I've heard yes and no on this site, but I can't seem to find any trustworthy information on them. And when did the record companies stop making vinyl albums? Not a lot. The collectors here can be more specific. If prince. No one is coming for your abortion: they just want common-sense abortion regulations: background checks, waiting periods, lifetime limits, take a class, and a small tax.


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